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How to Make your HOA’s Landscaping Look Great

A proper landscaping job, whether directed by a project management service or not, is an integral part of many HOA neighborhoods, whether townhomes, highrises, or condos. However, maintaining a lovely, manicured air to your neighborhood’s public landscaping is no easy task when the Minnesotan weather is as wet as it has been this year!

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Hire an HOA Management Company to Resolve your HOA’s Dispute

Nobody likes to disagree, especially in the context of HOAs. Disharmony within an HOA decreases the amount of time, energy, and resources the individuals can devote to building community—instead, they’re wasting it arguing amongst themselves and thus getting nothing done for the benefit of the group.

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Preventive Safety Projects for Your Townhome in the Springtime

While you’re staring up on your yearly spring cleaning, why not freshen up the look of your neighborhood. Preventive maintenance—taking care of little breakages before they turn into big ones—saves you both money and time down the road. Just add these six little maintenance projects to your list of spring chores. Your HOA budget will thank you.

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What to Include in a Quarterly Financial Report

A quarterly financial report is a summary of the performance of your HOA over a three-month period. The report allows you to monitor and update your organization’s portfolio at shorter intervals while maintaining greater accountability with your board, members, property manager, all stakeholders, and federal and state regulatory agencies.

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Understanding the Three Components of Governing Documents

A homeowners association’s governing documents include documents that regulate the operation of the association and the common interest it was formed to manage. There are three types of governing documents:

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How to Prepare a Workable HOA Budget

Budgeting for an HOA includes disclosures to association members, time restrictions, assessment limitations, and more — all necessary to remain compliant with local Minneapolis and Minnesota state Civil Codes. Below, we outline each step of the budgeting process to create a workable and legal budget for your organization.

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Capital Expenditure Management

Managing your capital expenditures will allow you to complete your upcoming project while staying under budget. RowCal provides project management services for your HOA.

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What to Look for When Restructuring & Coordinating Your HOA Insurance

HOA insurance can cover a broad range of areas such as property damage, third-party injuries, or directors & officers (D&O) coverage. Contact RowCal property management company to find out more.

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How to Make Sure You Are Prepared for Emergencies

Emergencies are unavoidable. No matter how diligent your management team is, events may occur that are entirely out of your control. Natural disasters, maintenance issues, and even upset tenants can wreak havoc on your property. What you can control, however, is how you deal with these types of situations.

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6 Preventive Maintenance Projects You Should do This Spring

Maintaining your townhome is important, especially in spring. Preventive maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs from negligence down the road. Spring is a great time to remind you to take care of the exterior of your townhome. RowCal brings you the six main preventive maintenance projects you should concentrate on this spring.

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