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Summer Community-Building Events for Your HOA

As financially beneficial as HOAs can be, it’s important to never lose sight of what made yours possible in the first place: community. Indeed, a sense of community is what holds your HOA together and what buoys the board up above the rest of the citizenry, allowing them to make decisions that benefit the neighborhood as a whole. Without the good faith and comradery that a solid sense of community fosters, no doubt all HOAs would fall to ruin.

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Individualized Service is Paramount for Property Management Companies

As cliche as the phrase is, the necessity of “service with a smile” really rings true across multiple industries. After all, nobody likes to be greeted by a dour face and a muttered “how can I help you?” When, really, you know the person would rather be doing anything than helping you. It would probably prompt you, as the customer, to walk away; however, if you’re feeling particularly sassy, you might like to tell the service person that they could help you by changing their attitude!

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