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Why You Should Have Reserves for Funding Townhouse Maintenance

A reserve fund for your Homeowners Association (HOA) townhouse maintenance is important to the solvency of your townhouse community. Large maintenance items are costly, and a reserve fund can cover those expenses if managed properly. If reserve funds do not exist when large repairs or maintenance occurs, your HOA will have to levy a special assessment to owners. RowCal has resources for planning and budgeting for reserves to handle funding of townhouse maintenance.

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Here's How to Avoid Low Property Assessments That Can Hurt Your HOA

One of the goals of a well-run HOA is to increase property value. Several factors need to be considered to avoid a low property assessment. Historically, a solid market finds property values rising, based on the area’s economy, jobs, availability of mortgage funds, changes in the neighborhood, and the house itself. When values are falling, change is reflected in a decrease in property values based on the same circumstances.

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