When hiring a vendor for a project or service for your home or townhome, it is important to do your due diligence in finding a good vendor. You should choose a vendor not only for their price but for their quality of service. By using our preferred vendors, you have the assurance of our level of pre-screening for qualifications and service for your project. Rowcal provides preferred vendors to homeowners to assist in the management of your property.


Avoid Liability Issues

Neglecting doing due diligence in hiring contractors or vendors may create a situation where you or your HOA board has liability for a vendor’s service or performance. It is not enough to find the lowest cost vendor when doing service and maintenance on shared areas. You need to find a vendor who is fully licensed and has proven experience in their craft. By hiring qualified and experienced vendors, you can avoid future financial and/or legal consequences.


Using Rowcal’s Preferred Vendors

By using the vendors in Rowcal’s preferred list, you know you are getting a vendor that has been fully vetted. The process vendors go through to get onto the preferred list involves fully checking their qualifications, licenses, insurance, and experience in their profession. We do the work for you to find fully qualified and experienced vendors. To protect your property and financial interests, we review each vendor for several criteria:


Licenses and Credentials. Each state, county, and city has different types of business license requirements. Rowcal makes sure each vendor has gone through the required license and certification process for their profession in their service location.


Certifications. Some professions, like HVAC or electricians, require special certifications to perform within that profession. Rowcal researches each vendor and ensures they have met with the specific criteria and have the proper certification needed for their services.


Insurance and Bonding. We check to make sure each vendor on our preferred list has adequate insurance for their profession. We protect you by making sure that insurance is valid and in force. We review their policies and make sure there are no exclusions that would leave your job uncovered. Each vendor on our preferred list can provide bonding to protect you while they perform their services.


Experience Checking. Rowcal goes the extra mile to check the experience and customer satisfaction level for all of our preferred vendors. When using a vendor from our preferred list, you have the assurance quality work from the vendor chosen.


Property Management Services from RowCal

RowCal helps your HOA manage your property or townhome by providing web-based services and resources you need. Join our network to get the technology to make your property management cost-effective. We offer applications, tools, and advice your board members and homeowners need. For more information about our services, call us at 651-233-1307, or you can message us on our contact page.