Maintaining your townhome is important, especially in spring. Preventive maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs from negligence down the road. Spring is a great time to remind you to take care of the exterior of your townhome. RowCal brings you the six main preventive maintenance projects you should concentrate on this spring.


Preventative Maintenance Plans

Your townhome community should have a preventive maintenance plan in place. Many states legislate that townhome associations have this plan outlined and available for owners and prospective buyers to review. Contained within the preventive maintenance plan should be as seasonal list of projects. Spring is a busy time for maintenance for your townhome. Here is a list of six projects you should include in your townhome maintenance plan for spring:


1.      Exterior Drainage. Check to make sure gutters are clear and water is draining away from the foundation of your townhome. Water intrusion at the foundation can severely damage your townhome. Check to make sure pavement and sidewalks are not causing ponding of water after rain. You may need professional service recommendations to level pavement and/or sidewalks to correct drainage issues.

2.      Exterior Conditions of Siding. In spring, you should inspect the exterior of your townhome for damage from the winter. Look for cracks, chipped paint, and holes in brick siding. Many times caulk or silicone can repair slight damage.

3.      HVAC Systems. With summer around the corner, spring is a great time for an HVAC checkup. Change filters and clean both the interior and exterior components of your unit. Bringing in a professional for your HVAC system is very cost effective for a check-up and can prevent an expensive repair later.

4.      Windows/Screens. Check the seals around windows and look for any window damage from the winter. If you have double- or triple-pane windows, check to see that all the windows still have their seals and have no fogging between panes. Check the screens for holes, as well. Many hardware stores can make replacement screens for a reasonable price.

5.      Clear Dead Plants/Shrubs. Check to make sure any plants have not made their way into your foundation around your townhome. Clear out dead plants that may harbor pests. Pay special attention to vines and siding damage they may have caused.

6.      Roofing. It is wise to pay a small inspection fee to have a professional thoroughly inspect the roof of your townhome. Winter is rough on roof structures, and ice and snow build up could cause damage not visible to an untrained eye.


Online Management of Your Townhome Community

RowCal provides online tools for the management of your townhome community. Our job is to provide the technology you need to manage preventive maintenance administration tasks of your association. Our experts stand ready to provide guidance and information to assist you with your townhome management. Contact us to design your preventive maintenance plan at 651-233-1307, or you can message us on our contact page.