Disasters can happen without warning. There are various ways a catastrophe can impact condos, townhomes, or any other type of residential development. RowCal understands that developing, implementing, and providing an emergency preparedness plan can help your community be better equipped to survive. RowCal is a Web-Based Property Management Company that wants to help you be ready to respond instead of reacting to a disaster.


Five Things To Consider In An Emergency Preparedness Plan:


1. Who Provides Support?

A disaster will impact your property staff, managers, or HOA board members. Therefore, you need to address important questions that might arise during an emergency:


●        Who will be providing the necessary support in the hours immediately following a disaster?

●        How long can this initial support continue?

●        Who is responsible for organizing the additional support?

●        What additional expenses will your company or organization incur?


Your team needs to understand there will be additional expectations placed on them during a disaster. Our project management service can help you put a plan in place regarding expectations, communication, re-establishing an office routine and even a remote office site.


2. What Funds are Available?

As you determine funds that are available during a disaster, we can help you specify the criteria and when a disaster plan will be activated. You will need to know what resources and funds are available. You’ll also need to know what funds can be authorized immediately to help with the response and recovery after a disaster.


3. How does Insurance Work After a Disaster?

Most of us learn how our insurance works when we need it. Asking questions about your insurance coverage and discovering how what is going to happen after a disaster is critical in your emergency preparedness plan. It is essential to determine when you will receive any benefits from your insurance coverage.




4. When can General Contracting Services Begin Recovery?

Establishing a plan with general contracting services can help gain some normalcy sooner. Have a list of contacts for property inspections, inspections for safety and habitability, general contracting services, as well as a plan for paying for these services. It can be convenient and save money to pre-contract with vendors each year with details on how soon they will arrive to begin the recovery process after a disaster.


5. Why We Should Communicate With Our Local Authorities

It is essential to communicate with your local authorities in advance to understand their plan and available resources to help your residents. Emergency and specific police actions are sometimes necessary when developing a disaster response plan as they could restrict residents’ useS of townhomes, condos, high-rise buildings, and self-managed communities.


Emergency Preparedness Planning in The Twin Cities Metro

While you may not be able to stop the disaster, the aftermath will be far easier to deal with having an emergency preparedness plan in place. Reviewing your existing plan or developing the right plan for your community is complicated and our experts at RowCal can assist you every step of the way.  Contact us today at 651-233-1307, or you can message us on our contact page.