Preventive maintenance for townhouses saves you money in costly repairs down the road. As a Homeowners Association (HOA), you have a responsibility to keep common elements within the townhome community maintained. Most states require HOA boards to have a written maintenance plan for these areas. By using our property managment consulting services with tried and true methods of preventive maintenance measures developed by our experts, you can keep your property maintained and in compliance.


Preventive Maintenance Plans for Townhomes

As part of the HOA agreement, most states require that communities have preventive maintenance plans in writing for common areas. By following a prescribed plan, you can not only avoid costly repairs down the road, but you can increase your profit margins. By using a web-based property management company to manage your preventive maintenance on your townhomes, you can also increase tenant and resident satisfaction. In creating this plan, you must consider many variables:


Inspections. Regular inspections of your common area components are critical to any preventive maintenance plan. By making inspections a priority, you avoid costly, unexpected repairs. Often minor problems can be found through inspections that would have lead to major problems if gone unnoticed. Each community is different and has different common areas and items, but here is a general list from our property management consulting service experts of items to inspect on townhomes:


●        Roofs

●        Siding

●        Outdoor Electrical Components/Lighting

●        Insulation and Ventilation Systems

●        Drainage Areas

●        Sidewalks and Walkways

●        Common Areas Landscaping/Tree Damage


Caulk & Seal. Check sealants and caulking around windows, doors, and other areas where water might intrude. By keeping moisture out, you protect inner walls from rot and mold growth. Keeping wooden decks, fences, and structures sealed will extend their life and deter costly replacement.


Cleaning. You can prevent excessive maintenance on townhomes by cleaning items regularly. Checking ducts and exterior siding to make sure damages do not occur by mold or dirt build up is critical to the extended performance of the property. Clearing dryer vents regularly can prevent fire damage. Filter changes on air conditioning units can help them perform optimally.


Scheduled Pest Control. Part of every preventive maintenance plan should include regular pest control. For common areas, the control of pests is important to prevent infestations that can affect residents and tenants of the townhomes. Unchecked pest populations can also cause damage to common structures of the property.


Audit Emergency Equipment

Testing emergency equipment like fire retarding systems, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers is important to the overall safety of your property. By ensuring these systems are fully functional in your townhomes, you can save your property from major problems down the road. Adhere to your state’s regulations regarding safety equipment in common areas.


Townhome HOA Management Solutions

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