A proper landscaping job, whether directed by a project management service or not, is an integral part of many HOA neighborhoods, whether townhomes, highrises, or condos. However, maintaining a lovely, manicured air to your neighborhood’s public landscaping is no easy task when the Minnesotan weather is as wet as it has been this year!


RowCal is here with some quick tips to help you keep your landscaping looking sharp—no matter what the weather throws your way.

Invest in Hardy Plants

This somewhat goes without saying, but if you need to opt for replacement floral arrangements this year, make sure you pick plants that are water-hardy. Don’t expect the same plants you’ve historically grown to thrive in unusually wet soil! A few possibilities for heavily submerged areas are:


●        Horsetail

●        Japenese Water Iris

●        Cattails

●        Cordgrass

●        Marsh Marigolds

●        Atlantic White Cedars

●        Some members of the Dogwood family


If you simply cannot bear to part with your current landscaping flowers, accept the fact that you may need to hire a project management service to help improve the draining capabilities of the area. If you don’t, your investments will simply die off again.


You might also need to purchase plant food and other products that help your arrangements grow despite adverse conditions; factor this in when thinking about how much money you can spend on this project. It will be a big decision, whether to invest in expensive new plants or to put that money toward improving your current landscaping.

Rally the Community

Soggy landscaping is a public issue; after all, everyone in the neighborhood enjoys these areas. Bring your concerns up at a board meeting to see if the rest of the community is willing to pitch in to rid areas of excess water, or to help dig holes to plant new trees. You can even make the most of a bad situation and make a volunteer day out of it. Working together toward a common goal that everyone can benefit from—there’s no better way to bring a community together!

Need Help with the Water Situation? Hire Rowcal for Project Management Services

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