As financially beneficial as HOAs can be, it’s important to never lose sight of what made yours possible in the first place: community. Indeed, a sense of community is what holds your HOA together and what buoys the board up above the rest of the citizenry, allowing them to make decisions that benefit the neighborhood as a whole. Without the good faith and comradery that a solid sense of community fosters, no doubt all HOAs would fall to ruin.


It’s for this reason that it behooves HOAs to invest finances, time, and effort into building community. And since it’s getting warmer out, what better way to do this than with some summer fun? RowCal, a property management company, has some ideas below.

Consider a Pool Party to Ring in Summer

Remember grade school, when the days getting warmer made you antsy instead of lethargic? When the last day of school rolled around, you were practically twitching in your seat with excitement!


Kids love summer, and what better way to vent all their exuberance than with a summer pool party?


Keep the event relaxed and simple with a potluck of your neighborhood’s favorite summer dishes, or (if you’ve got picky toddlers around) stick with pizza, an affordable crowd-pleaser. You can also set up a donation station nearby to help cover costs. Whatever you do, make sure to keep it casual and fun-focused—just like summer itself.


If your neighborhood doesn’t yet have a pool, consider hiring an HOA management company to make a plan to save for one. The local youth will thank you!

Grill Up some Fun with a Cooking Competition

Grilling is a quintessential summer American pastime which is easily spiced up with a little friendly competition. Host a cook-off for your community of townhomes, high-rises, or condos! Charge an entry fee and you easily have a source of income for your HOA, and the abundance of summer food makes for a happy neighborhood. Make sure to create age divisions and food-related categories to give all members of your community a chance to get in on the fun; more kids like to cook than you’d think!

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