As cliche as the phrase is, the necessity of “service with a smile” really rings true across multiple industries. After all, nobody likes to be greeted by a dour face and a muttered “how can I help you?” When, really, you know the person would rather be doing anything than helping you. It would probably prompt you, as the customer, to walk away; however, if you’re feeling particularly sassy, you might like to tell the service person that they could help you by changing their attitude!


You won’t find any sour service at RowCal. Truly caring about the customer’s welfare and their individual needs is what we do best. Homeowners associations (HOAs), made up of high-rises, townhomes, and condos, have thrived over the years under this philosophy.


But why is this? Aside from an emotionally positive experience, what does individualized service do for the customers of property management companies? Why is it so essential to the success of HOAs and HOA management companies alike? We weigh in below.

All Communities are Individuals, so Service Must Be Individualized

If you’ve ever done any traveling at all, even within the country, you know all too well that the character of communities can vary wildly—even on neighboring streets! Even if you didn’t travel internationally you’ve no doubt felt the unique vibe of the community of which you were a visitor. Some neighborhoods, for example, give off a boisterous air due to their weekly get-togethers, while others tend to be more aloof.


In the property management industry, treating all communities the same is extremely detrimental. Uncaring service simply cannot fly, as learning about the intricacies of the energy any given community hopes to extrude is what enables us to do our job and manage the HOA the way its board members intend. In other words, we want to know what kind of community you hope to maintain so that we can maintain it!

Busy HOAs Require Individualized Service

The property management industry is no place for slackers. Juggling multiple boards and projects is the name of the game for many agents, and those at RowCal do it well. Passionate people give individualized service, and vice versa; the two terms are irrevocably entwined. Individualized service is paramount because, in connecting with the customer, agents are inspired to make a difference, which in turn inspires passion—hence, the cycle repeats.

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