HOAs are some of the most fundamentally misunderstood community organizations out there. Face it: they’ve got a bad rap. Outsiders think they’re stuffy and unnecessary; this is mostly due to the extra cost that living in a HOA-managed neighborhood entails. But, when managed correctly through property management companies such as RowCal, there’s nothing better than an HOA to help a neighborhood bloom and to nurture the surrounding community.


If you’ve never considered an HOA management company for your community of high-rises, townhomes, or condos, you might be blind to the benefits. Read on and discover how investing in an HOA can benefit everyone involved.

HOAs Offer Financial Security

The housing market is a stormy sea, but being in an HOA can help you weather it. By imposing aesthetic and architectural standards upon a neighborhood, HOAs ensure that said neighborhood remains an attractive place to prospective home buyers.


Sure, paying a little extra money in fees may be a pain right now, but in the long run, in a properly managed HOA, that money more than will come back to you, should you choose to sell your home. Plus, by maintaining your own property to meet the standards of an HOA, you’re also increasing or maintaining the value of your neighbor’s homes. By implementing an HOA, you’re both benefiting yourself and others. Everybody wins!

HOAs Strengthen Neighborly Bonds

Because money paid in HOA fees is reinvested (either directly or indirectly) into the community, it often results in public gathering spaces, such as dog parks and community pools. Having an accessible recreational space means that neighbors are more likely to meet there and bond, forging a lasting friendship over a shared love of the community. A properly managed HOA might also schedule community-wide events, such as holiday decorating contests or volunteer days, which can also strengthen the sense of community belonging

Consider a Property Management Company to Start an HOA

If you’re wanting to get an HOA started in Roseville or the Twin Cities metro, contact RowCal today. Regardless of your needs, we offer fully custom property management services to fit them. If you would like to know more about the products and services we provide, call us at 651-233-1307. You can also message us on our contact page.