While you’re staring up on your yearly spring cleaning, why not freshen up the look of your neighborhood. Preventive maintenance—taking care of little breakages before they turn into big ones—saves you both money and time down the road. Just add these six little maintenance projects to your list of spring chores. Your HOA budget will thank you.


●        Check Exterior Drainage

Make sure your gutters are clear of dirt and debris, and ensure they are pointed in such a way that the drainage flows away from the foundation of your townhome. Prolonged erosion near the foundation can affect the bearing capacity of the soil, which will degrade the building’s long-term stability. Walk the neighborhood to make sure that sidewalks and pavement don’t cause pooling, which also may cause damage to the soil.


●        Check Exterior Siding

Do a thorough walkaround of your home or building to inspect for minor winter damages. These might include chipped paint, cracks, and holes. Products such as caulk or silicone can repair these tiny imperfections so they don’t lead to larger ones later on.


●        Do an HVAC Checkup

During harsh Midwestern winters, HVAC systems undergo a heap of strain keeping houses warm and comfortable. Spring is the perfect time to bring in a professional for an HVAC wellness checkup of sorts. As for DIY repairs, cleaning your HVAC inside and out helps make sure it continues to function at its best.


●        Repair Windows and Screens

Heavy snow and cold temperatures mean that your windows’ sealings and glass take a real seasonal beating. Make sure all of your home or building’s seals are intact. If you have multi-pane windows, condensation or moisture between the panes can indicate a seal breakage.


●        Dispose of Dead Plants

Spring is when many weeds start their advancements into your foundation. Clear them away, either manually or with weed killer, to minimize threats to your home’s structural stability. Dispose of the remnants of dead plants, as these can harbor insects or rodents.


●        Check your Roof

For a minimal fee, a professional will thoroughly inspect the roof of your home or building. Ice and snow buildup that occurs during winter is often undetectable to the untrained eye, and nipping these problems in the bud ensures that you aren't stuck paying larger repair fees later.

Consider an Online HOA Management Company

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