In the past, HOA associations usually were self-managed by a board of directors. However, that tradition may be changing. As of January of last year, more than 66 million Americans live in areas overseen by an HOA management company; this means that more responsibilities generally taken care of by the board can become the responsibility of the company it hires. The board can become less involved.


On the surface, the takeover of property management companies may seem like a good thing. With the strenuous lifestyle Americans face, your HOA can be one less thing to worry about. However, larger property management services create many systemic challenges.

Customer Service Mishaps

Community associations which hire a community management service tend to be “portfolio managed;” they are not big enough to pay for full-time managers. Portfolio managers, thus, must juggle several clients-- in other words, several different communities, each with different aspirations and personalities. When a manager doesn’t have the time or energy to devote to any given community, prompt and friendly interactions with clientele is understandably difficult.


We at RowCal easily avoid this common pitfall with our personable staff and our online management services. We know HOAs like the back of our hands; handling various clients is second nature to us.

Frequent Staff Turnover

Community managers are involved in nearly every aspect of directing the self-managing community of townhomes, high-rises, or condos. It’s a multifaceted, pressure-filled and exhausting job. The average community association managers only stay in their job for 18 months.


RowCal’s services are different; our staff is made up of seasoned professionals who are skilled in juggling their various responsibilities, all the while remaining personable and communicative.

Lack of Communication

HOAs are generally controlled by volunteer homeowners who serve time on their boards without pay. Though the input of the board matters, as they are the people who know the community best, they may not have the expertise or tact to effectively run a community. In an attempt to look professional, property management companies often keep their industry professionals from board members. This distance is almost always detrimental to the community itself. Board members are left without the experienced advice they need, and the hired professional can struggle to understand the community as a whole without close contact with the board.


This isn’t how RowCal works. We foster an environment in which communication and questions are valued.

Consider RowCal to Overcome these Pitfalls

RowCal is not your traditional management company; you hold the keys, and we get to work! Focusing on your homeowner experience enriches the lives of our team, your neighbors and ultimately, you! We help communities in Roseville and the Twin Cities Metro. Contact us today!