Although it’s freezing outside, the surface temperature of your roof may be above freezing due to the warmth of a building’s interior. Since heat rises, warm air can get into the attic and keep the roof warm enough to melt snow when it lands on the surface.


The roof is typically warmest at the top and coldest at the bottom end near the eave. This sudden drop in temperature from the top to the bottom of the roof can cause the melted snow to re-freeze and turn into ice quickly before the water runs off the roof. The ice builds up and forms a dam.


Over time, the dam can become increasingly heavy, adding more weight than the eave was intended to support. Eventually, the dam will collapse either due to the weight or by thawing once the temperature reaches above freezing.


A dam collapse can cause severe injury or fatality if someone happens to be standing underneath the eave of the roof. An ice dam can also cause significant damage to the eave or other roof components. The end result is a costly repair or roof replacement.


Ice dams are common in Minneapolis. They can occur on the roofs of homes, condos, townhouses, and commercial properties. RowCal can help you prevent ice dams by developing a preventive maintenance plan, as well as an emergency preparedness plan to deal with ice dams on the roof. We can also secure vendors or contractors to come out and work on the ice dams as they occur.


Below we cover some ways that we can help you prevent ice dams in your townhouse, apartment, or HOA.

How to Prevent an Ice Dam

There are several ways to prevent an ice dam:


●        Insulate Your Attic

The most practical, long-term solution for preventing ice dams is making sure your attic is well insulated to prevent the heat from seeping into your attic. If there is no heat coming into the attic, the roof surface will not warm up.


●        Ventilate Your Attic

Ventilation is a key component in your roof’s health. Ventilation drastically reduces humidity, moisture, and temperature buildup inside the attic. If no heat is allowed to buildup in the attic, the roof surface should stay the same temperature as the temperature outside.


●        Add Heat Strips to the Roof

There is much debate about whether heat strips prevent ice dams. Most experts will tell you that it depends on the type of heat strips you purchase and where you place them on the roof. Before you purchase heat strips, get some expert advice from a roofing contractor for the best product to purchase and how the product should be installed on the roof. Some roofing strips are effective at eliminating ice buildup.

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