In America, there are more than 66 million homeowners that live in communities run by an HOA property management company. The traditional management of community associations is handled either by a self-managed board of directors or by an agent hired by the board of directors. Large management companies have created few options for boards to consider when selecting their property management company. They all have one similar problem, they are stuck in yesterday. Today’s workforce is struggling to be successful within the structures of the management companies. In turn, management companies are struggling to retain quality employees and retain their client’s due to employee turnover.

At RowCal, we believe and invest in Enriched Living. Enriched Living is built on the challenges facing community association management companies, it’s employees and its clients. The RowCal platform is designed to alleviate systemic industry challenges:

Customer Service
The vast majority of community associations are portfolio managed, meaning they are not large enough to support full-time dedicated staff. This creates the need for portfolio managers to divide their time with several clients. This industry challenge has plagued communities with less than desirable customer service from the traditional property management companies.

Experienced Staffing/Manager Turnover
Community Managers are considered the jack of all trades and the experts of none. This places a large burden on community managers to be involved in many of the complex aspects of the community association. The number of clients to manage, and the pressure to provide a high level of customer service has proven to create an 18-month life of a community association Manager.

Industry Expertise
Community associations are governed by a group of volunteer homeowners elected to the Board. These volunteers may or may not have the expertise to effectively, maintain, protect and enhance the value of their community. In efforts to keep control and to be looked at as the industry experts, management companies distance industry professionals from the board members. This go between process limits the amount of information and expertise reaching the volunteer board members who need it the most.

The Homeowner Experience
Creating a harmonious community is the goal for every board member, community manager, and management company. The model today has not allowed for this goal to be reached. Using Google, Yelp and the BBB, you can read the overwhelming theme of frustration from homeowners regarding lack of communication.

Join the RowCal Nation
Solving the industry challenges is the foundation of RowCal. The opportunity to improve the experience for all who are involved in community associations is the lifeblood of this organization. RowCal is a cloud-based management company providing a platform for independent agents to build an enriched, career in real estate and community association management with a work-life balance. Contact us here to start Enriched Living for your HOA.