Although winter is in full swing, there are still several months of cold weather ahead. Snow and ice may still be on the way. But it’s not too late to make the necessary arrangements to prepare your HOA for winter weather. As an HOA board, you can help your community stay safe this winter.


You may want to start by reviewing last year's budget to determine how effectively you were able to cover winter expenses. If you fell short and didn’t budget enough money to cover the costs of winterizing your HOA, revise your current budget to have set aside adequate funds to handle the winter jobs this season.


Below is a short checklist for winterizing your HOA and protecting your property’s value.

Indoor Preparation

●        Replace the weather-stripping on all doorways.

●        Reseal the window caulking.

●        Clean all chimneys and flues.

●        Inspect and repair all internal plumbing fixtures.

●        Clean all heat vents, fireplaces, and space heaters.

●        Replace all worn non-skid runners or doormats for safety.

Outdoor Preparations

●        Trim all tree branches away from roofs or power lines.

●        Repair or replace all outdoor handrails.

●        Repair or replace all outdoor steps and stairways.

●        Turn off electrical breakers for outdoor equipment.

●        Seal all hoses and place them inside, if possible.

●        Clean out all gutters and downspouts.

●        Clean all roofs and make sure they are weather-sealed.

●        Replace and lubricate all outdoor locks and hinges.

●        Seal all driveway cracks and walkway damages.

●        Replenish and store any necessary winter supplies such as de-icer, batteries, flashlights, generators, fuels, etc.

How to Prepare for Snow Removal

Snow and ice are a reality in Minnesota. Therefore, your organization needs to develop a game plan for removing it as soon as it hits the ground. Stock up on ice melting products and sand to keep your community walkways clear, and homeowners, staff, and visitors safe.


Secure a snow removal contractor that will provide reliable service at a price that fits your budget. If you need referrals, consult RowCal. We have a longstanding relationship with quality vendors. We can also manage your winter projects and set up your vendors.

Communicate With Your Members

Make sure your community members know what to expect in snowy weather – both inside and outside the community. Frequent communication via various channels – for example, phone, emails, community management software, flyers and your community website – will keep residents updated and connected. It is an effective means of keeping residents safe both in the community and as they venture out on the road.

Property Management Consulting Services by RowCal

With experts in accounting and record keeping, RowCal can do the heavy financial lifting for your board. Why reinvent the wheel when we can make sure your board manages your association’s fees and transactions transparently?


We are a web-based property management company and have the technology you need to make your job on the board easy! For more information about joining our network, give us a call at 651-233-1307, or you can message us on our contact page.