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HOA Budget Preparation

How RowCal is Changing the Property Management World

In the past, HOA associations usually were self-managed by a board of directors. However, that tradition may be changing. As of January of last year, more than 66 million Americans live in areas overseen by an HOA management company; this means that more responsibilities generally taken care of by the board can become the responsibility of the company it hires. The board can become less involved.

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What to Include in a Quarterly Financial Report

A quarterly financial report is a summary of the performance of your HOA over a three-month period. The report allows you to monitor and update your organization’s portfolio at shorter intervals while maintaining greater accountability with your board, members, property manager, all stakeholders, and federal and state regulatory agencies.

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How to Prepare a Workable HOA Budget

Budgeting for an HOA includes disclosures to association members, time restrictions, assessment limitations, and more — all necessary to remain compliant with local Minneapolis and Minnesota state Civil Codes. Below, we outline each step of the budgeting process to create a workable and legal budget for your organization.

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How to Conduct a Meaningful and Successful HOA Board Meeting

A successful HOA board meeting involves strategic planning and organization, as well as thoughtful execution. Board meetings by nature are less than inspiring to members and board members alike. Therefore, if you don’t want members to perceive that the meeting is a waste of time, it’s up to you to provide a meaningful gather filled vital information.

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6 Essential Steps in HOA Budget Preparation

Across Minnesota and the country, HOAs are experiencing financial problems that are ending in a wide range of consequences. The growing number of homeowners associations does not have sufficient funds or reserves to maintain the housing developments adequately that they are responsible for.

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What to Look for When Restructuring & Coordinating Your HOA Insurance

HOA insurance can cover a broad range of areas such as property damage, third-party injuries, or directors & officers (D&O) coverage. Contact RowCal property management company to find out more.

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Tips For Managing Capital Project Expenses

Work with your property management company to manage your capital project expenses. A property management expert can help you automate, streamline, and even standardize your processes.

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