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Preventive Safety Projects for Your Townhome in the Springtime

Self-managed communities full of townhomes or condos have a lot of clean-up after winter. Here are some simple projects to add to that list.

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How RowCal is Changing the Property Management World

Though traditional property management services may seem convenient, they face many pitfalls. Find out how you can avoid them within your self-managed community of townhomes or condos.

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How to Resolve HOA Conflicts Like a Pro

If you engage in a conflict with your HOA, then handle yourself professionally and legally at all times. To find out more about HOA property management in Minneapolis, contact RowCal today.

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Setting Up Your HOA General Ledger

A general ledger allows you to record all of your HOA financial transactions and keep a record of your balances in all your accounts. Rowcal property managers can help you update your HOA general ledger.

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Common Bank Reconciliation Errors That Throw Your Accounting Off

Bank reconciliation errors can throw your accounting off and complicate your accounting process. RowCal online accounting software can help you keep your HOA’s accounting straight.

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Understanding the Three Components of Governing Documents

A homeowners association’s governing documents include documents that regulate the operation of the association and the common interest it was formed to manage. There are three types of governing documents:

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What is an Ice Dam, and How Can You Prevent One?

Although it’s freezing outside, the surface temperature of your roof may be above freezing due to the warmth of a building’s interior. Since heat rises, warm air can get into the attic and keep the roof warm enough to melt snow when it lands on the surface.

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Time-and-Materials vs Fixed Time: How to Setup Your Contractor Outsourcing Agreements

Selecting the right pricing structure with vendors can be difficult because the structure should align with your organization’s operating procedures, budgetary goals and what products and services the vendor provides.

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How to Prepare Your HOA to Handle Winter Emergencies

Although winter is in full swing, there are still several months of cold weather ahead. Snow and ice may still be on the way. But it’s not too late to make the necessary arrangements to prepare your HOA for winter weather. As an HOA board, you can help your community stay safe this winter.

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How to Conduct a Meaningful and Successful HOA Board Meeting

A successful HOA board meeting involves strategic planning and organization, as well as thoughtful execution. Board meetings by nature are less than inspiring to members and board members alike. Therefore, if you don’t want members to perceive that the meeting is a waste of time, it’s up to you to provide a meaningful gather filled vital information.

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