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How to Make your HOA’s Landscaping Look Great

A proper landscaping job, whether directed by a project management service or not, is an integral part of many HOA neighborhoods, whether townhomes, highrises, or condos. However, maintaining a lovely, manicured air to your neighborhood’s public landscaping is no easy task when the Minnesotan weather is as wet as it has been this year!

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Summer Community-Building Events for Your HOA

As financially beneficial as HOAs can be, it’s important to never lose sight of what made yours possible in the first place: community. Indeed, a sense of community is what holds your HOA together and what buoys the board up above the rest of the citizenry, allowing them to make decisions that benefit the neighborhood as a whole. Without the good faith and comradery that a solid sense of community fosters, no doubt all HOAs would fall to ruin.

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Individualized Service is Paramount for Property Management Companies

As cliche as the phrase is, the necessity of “service with a smile” really rings true across multiple industries. After all, nobody likes to be greeted by a dour face and a muttered “how can I help you?” When, really, you know the person would rather be doing anything than helping you. It would probably prompt you, as the customer, to walk away; however, if you’re feeling particularly sassy, you might like to tell the service person that they could help you by changing their attitude!

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How Your Community Can Benefit from an HOA

HOAs are some of the most fundamentally misunderstood community organizations out there. Face it: they’ve got a bad rap. Outsiders think they’re stuffy and unnecessary; this is mostly due to the extra cost that living in a HOA-managed neighborhood entails. But, when managed correctly through property management companies such as RowCal, there’s nothing better than an HOA to help a neighborhood bloom and to nurture the surrounding community.

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Hire an HOA Management Company to Resolve your HOA’s Dispute

Nobody likes to disagree, especially in the context of HOAs. Disharmony within an HOA decreases the amount of time, energy, and resources the individuals can devote to building community—instead, they’re wasting it arguing amongst themselves and thus getting nothing done for the benefit of the group.

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Preventive Safety Projects for Your Townhome in the Springtime

While you’re staring up on your yearly spring cleaning, why not freshen up the look of your neighborhood. Preventive maintenance—taking care of little breakages before they turn into big ones—saves you both money and time down the road. Just add these six little maintenance projects to your list of spring chores. Your HOA budget will thank you.

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How RowCal is Changing the Property Management World

In the past, HOA associations usually were self-managed by a board of directors. However, that tradition may be changing. As of January of last year, more than 66 million Americans live in areas overseen by an HOA management company; this means that more responsibilities generally taken care of by the board can become the responsibility of the company it hires. The board can become less involved.

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How to Resolve HOA Conflicts Like a Pro

From a legal standpoint, it is imperative that HOA boards and HOA members learn how to resolve conflicts professionally. The failure to properly solve conflicts can turn a small dispute into a major legal battle.

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Setting Up Your HOA General Ledger

A general ledger allows you to record all of your HOA financial transactions and keep a record of your balances in all your accounts. Rowcal property managers can help you update your HOA general ledger.

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Common Bank Reconciliation Errors That Throw Your Accounting Off

Bank reconciliation errors can throw your accounting off and complicate your accounting process. RowCal online accounting software can help you keep your HOA’s accounting straight.

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