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What to do after a severe storm hits your HOA neighborhood

Storms can pose a threat to HOA managed neighborhoods. Find out how to recover from a severe storm with an HOA management company.

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How to Make your HOA’s Landscaping Look Great

A proper landscaping job, whether directed by a project management service or not, is an integral part of many HOA neighborhoods, be them townhomes, highrises, or condos. What do you do if the weather doesn’t allow this?

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Summer Community-Building Events for Your HOA

Communities of townhomes, condos, and high-rises can all benefit from a little summer get-together! Get some ideas for yours here.

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Individualized Service is Paramount for Property Management Companies

Homeowners associations, made up of high-rises, townhomes, and condos, have thrived over the years under our philosophy surrounding individualized service. Discover how here.

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How Your Community Can Benefit from an HOA

HOAs can be amazingly beneficial for people who live in condos, high-rises, or townhomes. Find out why from our HOA property management professionals.

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Hire an HOA Management Company to Resolve your HOA’s Dispute

In HOAs that manage townhomes, high-rises, or condos, conflict is inevitable and destabilizing. A property management company can help.

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Preventive Safety Projects for Your Townhome in the Springtime

Self-managed communities full of townhomes or condos have a lot of clean-up after winter. Here are some simple projects to add to that list.

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How RowCal is Changing the Property Management World

Though traditional property management services may seem convenient, they face many pitfalls. Find out how you can avoid them within your self-managed community of townhomes or condos.

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What is the Difference Between an HOA Audit, Review, and Compilation?

The main difference between an HOA audit, a review, and a compilation is in the level of accountability an HOA has to the auditor. Read our latest article on audits, reviews, and compilations.

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How to Resolve HOA Conflicts Like a Pro

If you engage in a conflict with your HOA, then handle yourself professionally and legally at all times. To find out more about HOA property management in Minneapolis, contact RowCal today.

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