Meet The Team

At RowCal, we are a team built on trust, innovation, growth, and fun! We balance great ideas with firm action to help you build an incredible HOA community. We encourage you to meet our team of dedicated staff. Each of our team members works hard to help meet your needs!

Executive Team:

Jake Christenson _ CEO / President
Frank Cupersmith _ COO / Vice President

Care Team:

Jennifer Thomas _ Property Manager / Customer Service Manager
Mark Therrien _ Client Financial Manager / Onboarding Specialist
Amy Frey _ Insurance Coordinator
Jason Grimm _ Director of RowCal Maintenance
Jason Spafford _ Direct of Sales and Marketing

Property Managers:

Crystal Neuman - Learn More
Leo Dombrovski
Henry Poling - Learn More
Nicole Kirk - Learn More
Cam Hill - Learn More
Mark Therrien
Jennifer Thomas

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Discover how The RowCal Nation can give you the tools you need to effectively manage.

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