HOA ManagementIn Blaine, MN

RowCal offers comprehensive property management in Blaine, Minnesota. Our entire team is here to help your HOA with all your responsibilities. Our property management services include HOA account management, consulting services, maintenance, governance administration, and project management.

We offer property management services for HOAs, self-managed communities, condominiums, and townhomes. By partnering with RowCal, you can help your HOA members live in a thriving community while handling all of your organization’s responsibilities. To find out more about our property management in Blaine, Minnesota, contact us today. We are here to help!

HOA Account Management in Blaine, MN

We can work with your organization to handle all of your financial and member accounts. our account management services include accounting, bank reconciliation, accounts payable/receivable, quarterly financial reports, budgets, and other areas of your association’s finances. Through our online portal, we offer cloud-based account management you can easily access your account information 24/7. Ask us about our online services today!

By having a professional property management company in your corner, you can get the assistance you need to manage all of your organization’s finances and keep your records straight. We can also help you with tax reporting, audits, and compliance issues, as well as ensure you update your reserve study when necessary.

Consulting Services in Blaine, MN

Have you ever experienced challenges in your HOA and wished you could consult an expert? Now you can. RowCal offers in-depth, expert consulting services for HOAs, self-managed communities, and condos. We are here to help you handle the tough decisions and navigate through some of your greatest HOA challenges.

When you have the support you need from our experts, you are better equipped to lead your organization. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or board member, you can seek our professional counsel. We are here to help make sure you are successful in managing hour HOA.

Maintenance & Project Management for HOAs

Maintaining your property is an important part of running your HOA. In Blaine, Minnesota, HOAs turn to RowCal to help with ongoing maintenance and construction projects. We have the experience necessary to handle small and large maintenance issues.

We can also help you design, plan, and execute your upcoming construction projects. We can help you find the right vendors to make sure all jobs are completed right on time, the first time. Depend on RowCal to keep your properties look good and performing well at all times.

Governance Administration

One of the most difficult things to keep up with in your organization is all of your governing documents. These include bylaws, rules, regulations, declarations, and other information vital to your board’s leadership.

RowCal experts can meet with you to assess your current documents and update them as needed. You can also now store all of your documents in your online portal. We have the online services and how they can work for our organization.

Contact RowCal Today for a Consultation

If you are ready to partner with a property management company in Blaine, Minnesota, contact RowCal today. We offer complete property management that strengthens your organization from the inside out and helps build a vibrant community.

To schedule a consultation with one of our property management experts, call us today at 651-233-1307. You can also fill out our form on our contact page.

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