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Building a harmonious community begins and ends with the homeowner experience. Managing such an important asset in one’s life creates a lot of passion and expectation to do it right. The traditional management of Community Associations is handled either by a self-managed board of directors or by an agent hired by the board of directors. Large HOA management services and companies have created few options for boards to consider when selecting their management company. They all have one similar problem, they are stuck in yesterday. Today’s workforce is struggling to be successful within the structures of the management companies. In turn, management companies are struggling to retain quality employees and retain their client’s due to employee turnover.

The RowCal Nation will ignite a new energized workforce as a property management company providing HOA management services with a passion to promote harmonious living. This is accomplished by alleviating systemic industry dysfunctions such as:

Board Member Experience

  • Delayed communication
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of access to information
  • Long periods of time to get resolution
  • Upset owners contacting Board Members
  • Disorganized and unproductive Board Meetings

Homeowner Experience

  • No delayed response
  • Misinformation / runaround
  • Complicated work order request process with limited follow up
  • No access to community information
  • Not knowing what is going on in the

RowCal will introduce:

  • Specialization of duties
  • Agent empowerment/compensation
  • Cloud based software and technology
  • Agent career and life skills support

The RowCal HOA management services model directs more of our client funds to the frontline and those individuals with the passion to support Community Associations. Our agents can focus on fewer communities and are compensated with a greater return on your property management services. This creates a positive incentive and outcome for the homeowner’s experience. We offer 30-day contracts for a number of services. The 30-day contract is the RowCal way of doing business, allowing you to be nimble, flexible, and streamlined when making decisions for your HOA.

RowCal is a full service, all in one property management company with customization to meet each unique community’s needs. Our clients have the option to select all three or a combination of the three service offerings. All HOA management services are offered with a 30-day agreement. We do not want any client to be locked into a contract or relationship that is no longer mutually beneficial. Our main areas of focus include:

Enriched Living

Solving the industry challenges is the foundation of RowCal. The opportunity to improve the experience for all who are involved in community associations is the lifeblood of this organization. RowCal is a cloud-based management company providing a platform for independent agents to build an enriched, career in Real Estate and Community Association Management with a work-life balance. Contact us here to learn more.

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