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At RowCal, we pride ourselves on being able to partner with some of the most reputable and skilled vendors. We carefully choose the right companies for the job, in order to pass that quality onto you, our client. No matter what type of work you’ve done inside or outside, you can count on the vendors on our list to perform it to your exact specifications. All of our preferred vendors must meet RowCal standards of professionalism we have set as a modern and transparent property management company. Beyond the preferred vendor list, we also honor those who lead the industry with their service standards. There is a secondary application for those wishing to apply for Hudson Honors with RowCal. The Hudson Honors is a program that recognizes the top performer in their specific trade.

What Makes a RowCal Preferred Vendor?

As with anything else, securing the right contractors to work with our property management company includes undergoing a rigorous vetting processing to ensure that each job is completed according to state codes and industry standards. Our process for finding our preferred service providers includes the following:

  • Validating licensing & certification in specified areas
  • Background checks where applicable
  • Asking for referrals
  • Requesting a portfolio of past projects
  • Searching for online credibility including reviews and ratings

Where to Find our Vendor List

You can find RowCal’s Preferred Vendor list here. This includes useful information such as the name of the company, the type of service offered, and contact information. We’ve also added a web link to their website so that you can explore their full line of products and services. We’ve covered the entire gamut of contracting, construction, and home improvement companies in the area and have found the best preferred service provider in each industry. We feel confident that you will be 100% satisfied with every aspect of their work as well as the final product. Row Cal is the property management company that connects the dots between your HOA association & the providers, making it easier for all parties involved.

Why We Chose These Companies

While there a lot of excellent companies in our markets, we chose our preferred service providers based on these specific criteria:


Each of these contractors have developed a firm, long-standing reputation as experts in the field who can handle any job we throw at them.


These companies and their employees have at least a decade of direct industry experience. Many of them have been around for several decades.

Impeccable Professionalism

The team shows up on time, wears the proper attire, has the right tools for the job, meets deadlines, and conducts their job in a manner that is ethical and professional.

Customer Service

We expect any company we partner with to treat our clients as we treat them: with dignity and respect. Customer service is high on their priority list and they practice it consistently every day.

Questions About Our Vendor List?

If you are considering one of our preferred service vendors, but need to clarify a few details, email our team by contacting us here. At RowCal, we are a property management company that provides a wide range of products and services for HOA property owners and HOAs across the Minneapolis metro area. Let us help you manage your HOA today, power to the people!

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