Understand the RowCal Experience

We believe in an experience that enriches the lives of those who live within and serve community associations.

To help associations meet their goals and grow stronger, we focused on four strategic partnerships that make up a community association:

  1. Homeowners
  2. Board members
  3. Property managers
  4. Service providers

These four strategic partnerships help build a strong community, add value to your properties, and help you create a sustainable organization model that will not just function, but thrive.

Going Beyond the Status Quo

We are here to be different—not just for the sake of being different. Rather, we can no longer afford to be bystanders and accept the status quo. We reject the narrative that antagonistic, oppositional, and hostile relationships are a necessary part of the HOA business. The RowCal experience can create a more healthy dynamic between a board and all the members of your organization.

We are captivated by an idea and consumed with a purpose that service providers, homeowners, board members, and property managers can be enthusiastic partners who all work together toward a common, collective vision.

We believe people with a mutual purpose can sustain open communication and empathetic engagement through the most difficult of circumstances. As a part of this industry, we take it personally that most people in HOAs remain under a cloud of underserved negative stigma. Furthermore, we are committed to changing that narrative.

The RowCal Model for Success

The RowCal model is built on four bedrock principles, all of which work together:

  • Innovation

    Innovation keeps us current with the best technology and resources, and practices to create a true partnership between homeowners, board members, property managers, and service providers.
  • Trust

    We utilize technology, which allows for complete transparency and open and honest communication while building trust.
  • Growth

    Individual growth moves everyone forward, and we are committed to supporting the growth of our team members, board members, and the providers who serve you.
  • Fun

    And most importantly fun, with so many positives in community living, we seek to find joy in what we do so we can all serve better!

Our Vision

We accomplish our vision by focusing our efforts on the needs of our strategic partners. Homeowners require support and guidance in a time of need. The average homeowner has minimal contact with their association. When they do contact the association, the need is immediate and personal because it impacts their most valuable asset: their home. Our vision is built on this guiding premise.

Our customer service members are empowered with information and authority to immediately resolve or, at worst, put into action a resolution for a homeowner’s needs.

Responsible Property Management

Board members have a fiduciary duty to manage the operations of the community while maintaining, protecting, and enhancing the values of their homes. They set policies, promote compliance of declaration, and allocate funds. They seek guidance from their professionals who they choose to surround themselves with, and we as their agent are there to guide them and facilitate those relationships.

When they have access to the correct information and the guidance of trusted partners, they can feel good about their decisions.

We Are HOA Advocates

RowCal property managers are the advocates for the client experience and the master facilitator of the association’s operational needs. We have solutions to the challenges that will face each community we serve. The manager experience directly affects the board member experience.

When our managers have the tools, resources, and empowerment to serve well, the client is served well. With strong support, we achieve retention of team members, which allows clients to build long-lasting relationships.

We’re Not Just Managers—We’re Partners

Our clients' service providers are an important partner in maintaining the community and providing an enriched homeowner experience. With the same tools, resources, and access to information, we empower our client’s vendors to successfully serve the community.

We assist vendors in developing meaningful relationships with the board and owners by giving all parties direct access to the experts in their specific trades.

RowCal’s values of trust, innovation, growth, and fun coupled with our passion for delivering an enriched experience to those who live within and service community associations, is the RowCal difference. To schedule a consultation with one of our property management experts, call us today at 651-233-1307. You can also fill out our form on our contact page.

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