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As a Homeowners Association (HOA) board member, you are accountable for all the complex operations, policies, protocols, and processes that take place in your organization. Trying to juggle all your duties as a board member can be overwhelming; even as you delegate tasks out to your board or other members, you may come to realize you need assistance from experts who can help you navigate your responsibilities and keep your HOA running smoothly.

That is where we come in.

RowCal property management works with HOAs across Blaine, Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. Our role is to provide services that take the burden off your members and, more importantly, help your HOA prosper as you build your community. We provide a broad spectrum of services that add value to your organization and structure to your operation. We see property management as an investment in the health and longevity of your HOA.

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Online Property Management

Imagine if you had a single location where authorized HOA members had access to your HOA’s documents, accounts, and other data all managed from a team of experts. Think about how much that would simplify your tasks and help you run your organization more efficiently.

That is precisely what RowCal property management does for you. Through our online portal, we can reduce your workload, keep you from more work than necessary, and give you up-to-date information exactly when you need. Best of all, your documents, files, and accounts are all secure. Ask us more about our online property management services. You’ll love how well they work for your HOA!

HOA Management Services We Provide for Your HOA

How can a property management company in Blaine help your HOA?

Good question. Here are the areas we can manage:

  • Budgets and Reserve Studies
    We can help you develop and maintain a healthy, workable budget that takes care of all your expenses and financial needs. We can also help your review your reserve study to ensure you have adequate funding for future capital expenditures.
  • Communication with Board Members
    Using your online portal, you communicate with your board members by sending messages, emails, collaborating on projects, and updating information as needed.
  • Project Planning
    Do you have a new project in mind? Whether you’re updating your building’s exterior or creating a new community space, we can help you plan your project and execute it down to the smallest detail.
  • Property Maintenance
    We can help you find the right vendors, schedule your maintenance, save money, and keep your properties looking amazing throughout the year.
  • Board Governance and Leadership
    Let our experts go over the details of your governing documents. We can review your documents and make recommendations as needed.
  • Community involvement and growth
    RowCal property managers can help you get your HOA involved as we help you schedule upcoming events and projects in the community. We can also provide reports about how well your organization is performing and how engaged your members are.
  • Rule Enforcement and Review
    We provide full support in helping you establish and enforce the HOA rules. Our staff can also help you with legal disputes that may arise in your organization from time to time.
  • Vendor Partnerships and Hiring
    We’ve already done the homework for you in finding the best contractors and service providers in the area. We know who the most dependable companies are and which ones charge the best rates for their quality services.
  • Resources, Education, and Information
    Whenever you have a question, concern, or other issue, we have the answers and the resources you need to make the right decisions for your HOA.
  • Full HOA Management Services for Your Organization
    Whether you are in charge of a home neighborhood, condo, or townhouse, RowCal is here to help your HOA succeed. Our management services give you the tools and resources you need to grow your organization and build your community.

To schedule a consultation with one of our property management experts, call us today at 651-233-1307. You can also fill out our form on our contact page.

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