Maintenance and Project Management Services

RowCal offers customized and comprehensive property management services and general contracting for communities of any size. We partner with you to evaluate and analyze your community’s needs and goals and to provide hands-on, cost-effective, and responsive management practices, facilities maintenance, and financial services. Our streamlined day-to-day operations are promptly handled with professionalism and efficiency, with the success of your community always our top priority. No detail is too small.

RowCal is proud to deliver top-notch property management services with our technology-based blend of experienced administrative support, quality communication, cost containment, and risk management best practices, and more for your HOA’s property management services and general contracting. We are placing the highest degree of importance on the maintenance, protection and enhancement of the community’s physical assets. Utilizing the expertise of RowCal Maintenance, our clients will have the direct maintenance oversight from proven, industry leading general contractors.

RowCal Maintenance asset protection, maintenance and enhancement property management services are handled by our preferred service providers in the marketplace. Clients are connected directly with a well-established general contractor with 30 years of Minnesota expertise. Contractors with RowCal will setup a preventive maintenance plan, establish an emergency preparedness plan, and establish long-term capital expenditure projects plan.

A RowCal Property Manager/General Contractor will also provide:

  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Emergency preparedness plan
  • Capital expenditure forecast
  • Time and material maintenance (policy and budget driven)
  • Capital expenditure bidding and management
  • Insurance coordination and reconstruction
  • Quarterly reporting (based on client meeting schedule)
  • 24/7 emergency response line

Establishing a trusted relationship is key in maintaining your property value and reducing the cost and oversight of maintenance and projects. We make sure that the contractor is delivering the project as promised and on schedule with our property management services. We oversee the project from start to finish. Our diligence will eliminate of any defects in workmanship, which in turn will guarantee to your HOA that you will get everything for which you have agreed with our general contracting.

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RowCal understands and appreciates that your focus is on preserving the value of the homes in your community by maintaining and enhancing their appearance and structure. At RowCal, our focus is on providing you with the technology and ability to make our property management services and general contracting as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Offering applications and technology for immediate access of the information and tools your board members and homeowners need, we empower and enrich your association. Contact us here to bring Enriched Living to your HOA.

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