Financial Administration

RowCal provides financial administration services through cloud-based software with board access, allowing board members and the financial administrator to effectively manage the funds of the Community Association. Board members will have real-time access to see the transactions and even electronically sign checks for a greater level of control and oversight. You need clear, accurate financial data in order to successfully run your homeowner association. You need easy access. And you need professional support from a property management company to make sure everything runs smoothly. At RowCal, we not only provide you with clear and precise data, but we also help you make clear and precise decisions.

Our RowCal Financial Administrator/Accountant will provide:

  • Budget preparation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger Facilitation
  • Accounts Payables (client policy and budget-driven)
  • Accounts Receivable/Collections (client policy driven)
  • Monthly Financial Report Processing/Delivery
  • Resale Facilitation
  • Tax Filing

Some HOA members find finances fascinating, and they're able to understand how figures and numbers work together. Some find them necessary, but not particularly interesting to work with. Some HOA members simply don't have the time for them, even if they wanted to handle it all. In property management, the answers to many of your association problems likely lie in the numbers. If you've ever stared at your finances in confusion, you already know just how valuable the right advice and guidance can be. Why not let the experts handle the tough stuff? At RowCal, it’s all about the harmonious living between your homeowners and your property management company that professionally done financial administrative services can provide at the end of the day.

Power to the People

Solving the industry challenges is the foundation of RowCal. The opportunity to improve the experience for all who are involved in community associations is the lifeblood of this organization. RowCal is a cloud-based management company providing a platform for independent agents to build an enriched, career in real estate and community association management with a work-life balance. At RowCal, our focus is on providing you with the technology and ability to make financial administration services as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our property management company empowers and enriches your association. Contact us here to bring Enriched Living to your HOA.

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