Consulting Services

RowCal’s property management consulting services allow clients quick access to the experts in the field to enhance your HOA’s Board of Directors decision making. Our consultants are available as needed and are simply a click away. There are times when you may feel as though you could benefit from the insight of a third party: namely, property management consulting services. A property management consultant can step in and help you determine how you can tighten up your operations by offering you the following types of feedback:

  • Conflict / Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Engineering 
  • Horticulturist / Arborist / Landscape Design 
  • Certified Public Accountant _ Reviews and Audits
  • Legal Governance and Collections 

We know that one size fits all doesn’t work for everyone’s HOA. Large or small, regardless of the size of your HOA, our consulting approach is completely customized to our clients’ needs and your culture. We focus first on understanding what your challenges are, analyze those learnings in comparison to benchmarks, then formulate an action plan to help you reach your desired goals. RowCal’s property management consulting services grant you access to years of sound industry and operational knowledge to ensure you are prepared for change with quantifiable results.

A property management consultant can give you an unbiased perspective regarding common resident complaints so that areas for improvement can be identified if necessary. A new set of eyes can find things that you are missing, even if your day-to-day operations aren’t impacted by some of the items identified. Keep an open mind to suggestions that are made, as things that you’ve always deemed unimportant might make a significant difference.

Power to the People

RowCal understands and appreciates that your focus is on preserving the value of the homes in your community by maintaining and enhancing their appearance and structure. At RowCal, our focus is on providing you with the technology and ability to make property management consulting services as efficient and cost-effective as possible. By offering applications and technology for immediate access of the information and tools your board members and homeowners need, we empower and enrich your association. Contact us here to bring Enriched Living to your HOA.

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