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RowCal provides a homeowner experience that surpasses the traditional management company. Our model is simple and places the right level of support and expertise in the hands of our clients. We are confident in our delivery, and we are committed to delivering our promises month after month. Clients should never be forced into long-term contracts with so much value involved. With this commitment, we offer every client a 30-day contract. This allows you the flexibility and freedom to find out what works best for your specific HOA. We manage your home, and we serve your community as your property management company. Each day, we are building relationships and earning your trust. Join the RowCal Nation today.

Specialization of Services

To deliver on our promise, we allow our RowCal Agents to focus on what they do best. You will receive direct attention from the experts in the field. The traditional management company provides a single point of contact asked to be the jack of all trades and the master of none. As a property management company, RowCal allows access with a specialized team focusing on their areas of expertise:

Agent Relationship

RowCal’s agent structure is what separates us from the traditional property management companies. There are hundreds of agents and when and if a relationship comes to an end, you have the ability to select a new agent without the hassle of moving your finances and disrupting your owners. This is how a property management company is supposed to be, and we are proud to be a pioneer in this management structure. The first two levels of service allow for self-managed communities to have the resources to effectively manage their community. The third level of service is communities currently with a management company looking for a better way to improve the homeowner experience. Engaging a RowCal agent to work for you creates a tremendous advantage for your community to experience the modern way of HOA management.

Cloud-Based Technology Information

RowCal allows you to control your HOA easily with the cloud at your fingertips! You now have complete real-time access to all your association’s files, records, accounts, and transactions. Owners have the ability to see their personal information and board members have full access. Board members, agents, owners, service providers can communicate and access important information in real-time without delay. This is the advantage of having a web-based property management company. Leave the paper trail behind. Check out our service partner CINC Systems to learn more about how the cloud can help your HOA. The cloud-based platform for all aspects of property management creates a benefit to our clients, agents and service providers by enhancing everyone’s experience by promoting the ease of transactions and communications reduce cost, frustration, and miscommunication. This is harmonious, enriched living.

Financial Security

Your community’s funds are important to keep protected. You need clear, accurate financial data in order to successfully run your homeowner association. You need easy access, and you need professional support to make sure everything runs smoothly. RowCal’s partnership with CINC Systems ensures transparency and accountability from a property management company. Here is how RowCal protects those funds:

  • CINC Systems
  • RowCal Internal Policies
  • Insurance Policies

Power to the People

RowCal understands and appreciates that your focus is on preserving the value of the homes in your community by maintaining and enhancing their appearance and structure. At RowCal, our focus is on providing you with the technology and ability to make that as efficient and cost-effective as possible as a property management company. Offering applications and technology for immediate access to the information and tools your board members and homeowners need, we empower and enrich your association. Contact us here to get bring Enriched Living to your HOA.

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