Self-managed Communities

Self-managed communities are becoming more and more popular. Rather than paying a homeowners association management company to maintain common areas like lawns or a community pool, you and your neighbors take care of these tasks yourselves. There are a few smart reasons to do this, but managing your own community can also come with a few risks. It’s extremely important to weigh the risks and rewards as you get hands-on with your self-managed community, and why ultimately it may be the best route to consult and utilize a modern property management company like RowCal.

The Risks vs. Rewards

The number one reason why some homeowners self-manage their community is the cost. It’s free! You can save money by running the show yourself, which is a price that can’t be beat. However, what is the true cost? Most homeowners association management companies would have a full-time staff member working on your association, so imagine you have another full-time role on your hands along to go with your day job. Say goodbye to free time! You are also liable now for all association and management questions your community may have, not to mention fixes, repairs, finances etc. It can add up.

What if you make a mistake? That could be the end of your harmonious living unfortunately! You could ultimately see your property value go down, with mismanagement from a non-professional. When considering self-management, board members must keep all aspects in mind, both positive and negative. If the circumstances are right and owners are prepared with enough knowledge, experience, and concern for the wellbeing of the community, self-management can be an excellent option. Otherwise, a modern property management company like RowCal can help in keeping the HOA on the track to success and harmonious living.

How RowCal Can Strategically Help

At RowCal, you can pick the services you need, for the length of time you need. We offer access to a wide range of professionals who are the best in their fields. If you only need a gardener for the spring time, we can help. If you need a full-time, year-round maintenance crew and an experienced accountant for your books, we can help too. Our services are streamlined & easy to use with our cloud-based applications.

Time for the Professionals

Let RowCal take care your self-managed community’s needs from big to small in a simple and streamlined manner. We understand and appreciate that your focus is on preserving the value of the homes in your community by maintaining and enhancing their appearance and structure. At RowCal, our focus is on providing you with the technology and ability to make that as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Offering applications and technology for immediate access of the information and tools your board members and homeowner’s need, we empower and enrich your association. Contact us here to bring Enriched Living to your homeowners association management.

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