High-rise Condominiums

High-rise condo association management isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. RowCal understands the desire to empower your high-rise community while remaining nimble and flexible with the short and long-term contracts and numerous services we provide. High-rise condo association management requires a full range of expert knowledge and skills because unique clients have specific needs. From small units to grand luxury condo estates, it’s important to address the key differences of each association as part of your community management strategy. Some notable differences in management technique can be found in high rise buildings, which has staffing and security concerns different from low-rise units.

Modern High-Rise Condo Issues

High-rise condominium units have higher demands for security. These condos require around the clock security serving as the first point of contact to those able to access the building. Due to the increased concentration of occupants, high-rise condos may require added security measures such as video monitoring, identification procedures for residents, parking lot attendance, and additional lighting. RowCal knows the needs of these high-rise communities and offers tailored high-rise condo association management plans unique to each specific community while featuring the latest in management technology. It’s all about bringing the power to the people!

Convenient Cloud-Based Technology

Your high-rise condo may rise to the clouds in the sky, so why not connect your high-rise condo association management to RowCal’s cloud management platform? To put it frankly, you need the high-rise condo association management that boasts the convenience needed in the modern world. RowCal is the team that has made it easy for high-rise condo owners to find all their association needs in one place, thanks to our cloud-based technology. We connect the dots between the association and the clients, making it easier for all parties involved. Our process starts with assigning the best team to add value to your community. These experts have the right high-rise experience, operational skills, and strategic ability to support your association and help it achieve its goals. Here are the number of ways RowCal pairs you with the experts to promote harmonious living within your high-rise condo association:

Empower your High-Rise Condominium

At RowCal, we believe in bringing power to the people. Empower your high-rise condominium association management with our streamlined and easy to use cloud-based technology. We are the modern property management company, utilizing 30-day contracts, an energized workforce, and the latest in cloud technology. Join the RowCal Nation by contacting us here.

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