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RowCal is changing the game by introducing a new platform for how the community association management industry and HOA management companies provide property management services. We are placing the highest degree of importance on the maintenance, protection and enhancement of the community’s physical assets. Utilizing the expertise of RowCal Maintenance, our clients will have the direct maintenance oversight from proven industry-leading general contractors. This model is supported by a new generation of community management professionals. RowCal is built in the cloud, providing versatility, transparency and ease of communication. Clients are in control of the types of services they need, in any type of association they live in including high-rise condominiums, condominiums, townhouses and self-managed communities.

Flexible 30-Day Contracts

Each service is offered with a 30-day agreement. It is up to RowCal and its agents each month to provide excellent service; we will not lock our clients into a 12-month commitment. Clients should never be forced into long-term contracts with so much value involved. With this commitment, we offer every client a 30-day contract. This allows you the flexibility and freedom to find out what works best for your specific HOA. Each service is clearly defined and handled by the industry expert in that area. Agents are not required to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. We place the master of each trade directly with the client for property management services. Our pricing is simple and our agent payout is clear. We want our clients and agents in full control with transparency of where the dollars are being spent. Our payout structure allows for more dollars to be directed to those serving the clients. This creates a better agent experience and a greater client experience with an HOA management company.

Cloud-Based Technology

Our cloud-based platform for all aspects of property management services create a benefit to our clients, agents, and service providers. Our ease of transactions and communications reduce cost, frustration, and miscommunications between you and our HOA management company. One cloud-based platform enhances everyone’s experience aiding in harmonious living for:

Enriched Living

As a board member for the association where you reside, we understand and appreciate that your focus is on preserving the value of the homes in your community by maintaining and enhancing their appearance and structure. At RowCal, our focus as a HOA management company is on providing you with the technology and ability to make that as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Offering applications and technology for immediate access to the information and tools your board members and homeowners need, we empower and enrich your association. Contact us here.

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